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My little guy starts preschool tomorrow.  My older son starts third grade on Thursday.  And I am starting yet another brand new blog.  This one, unlike a New Year’s exercise regimen, I am determined to maintain.

Let me explain what’s up.

I have an incredibly conflicted relationship to being an author.  Not the writing part.  The writing part comes naturally, like having blue eyes or being a blubbering dork around celebrities.  It’s the author part, the life of an author.  Just yesterday, I was flipping through the NY Times Sunday Book Review and I saw my name listed as a participant at the upcoming Brooklyn Book Festival and I got that weird feeling inside, the same feeling I get when my name is announced and I’m about to step onto a stage.  That’s not me.  It’s my name.  It’s my picture.  But it’s not me.

My fractured identity is probably why I find it hard to blog and tweet and spam my Facebook friends with book news.  I know it’s part of the job.  I hope it helps sell my books.  But it never feels like I’m giving the full story.  Then again, how much of the full story do I want to tell?  Do I talk about how I finish writing a novel and then basically forget that I ever wrote it (and therefore find it excruciating to talk about it)?  Do I talk about my kids?  No, it’s their life.  Their privacy.  But how can I post about my life without talking about my boys?  They ARE my life.  And on and on.

And so I retreat.  This past hiatus has been since January.  Jay Asher and I were on a book tour for The Future of Us.  I woke up the last morning of a 9-city, 9-day tour and I missed my husband and sons like crazy.  All I wanted was to be home.  And I honestly couldn’t think of one more thing to say about The Future of Us.  I loved writing this novel.  I loved working with Jay.  I am so proud of the book.  But I was all talked and tweeted out.  I was spent.

I flew back to NYC on the red-eye that night.  I came home and hugged my family and cried and decided to put writing and speaking and publicizing on hold.  I stayed with my toddler full-time, and cooked meals and read books and did Pilates.

And then, this spring, I got an idea for a new YA novel.  I spent four months writing (my Harper editor has it now, waiting for her to return to NYC so we can discuss edits).  Once my book was in, I began contemplating my big dilemma: Web Presence.  And that’s when I decided, what the hell.  Heck.  Whatever.  I enlisted my wonderful husband to help.  He listened to my agonizing, sorted through exactly what I wanted, and then put together this simple website/blog that I can easily update.

So with a new school year and a new novel, it feels right that I should start this new blog.  This is me, at my desk, trying to be as honest as possible.

Stay tuned….


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6 Responses to new site, new blog, new start

  1. Gabrielle Zevin

    You got a desktop! Good luck, C.

  2. Maya

    I can’t wait to read your new novel! Please post por info

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  4. Joan Reid

    Hello Ms. Mackler,

    I enjoyed meeting you last evening at the Pearl River Library. I apologize for having to leave early. If at all possible can you give me your take on the popularity of e-books and e-book authors? Are they viewed as legitimate publishing efforts by traditional publishers? Often artists must go other routes in order to be heard or who can’t break into the establishment. There are independent film makers, visual artists, dance companies, etc. Your thoughts? I hope to hear from you!
    Kind regards,
    Joan Reid

  5. I can’t wait to read your new novel! Please post por info

  6. Afsana Tasnim

    You’re such a good novelist in town! hooray & congratulations!

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