What’s your favorite color?

Blue. But green and purple, especially when they are juxtaposed, are close seconds.

Favorite foods:

Bread. Scones. Cinnamon rolls. Pie. Salad. (True)

Favorite place to read:

In bed. When I’m reading a good book I often stay up way too late.

Favorite place to write:

I move around the apartment to mix it up. Desk, table, couch, and a café when I need some outside noise.

Are there any books you recommend about writing?

I loved Stephen King’s On Writing, but I think that the best way to learn to write is to read and read and read. And then write what you feel really excited about.

What’s your dog’s name?

Maple Sugar Windswept Mackler Rideout, but we just call her Maple. She’s a mini goldendoodle and, as my husband says, “a prize pazoole.” William Steig reference.

Do you have kids?

I have two boys. I would talk all about them but I’ve promised them that their life is their life and not necessarily mine to blabber about. However they do have secret cameos in several of my novels, even when they were toddlers or little kids.

Does your husband appear in your novels too?

I suppose I’ve thinly disguised Jonas and reversed his age and, yeah, he’s the romantic interest in some. Jonas is also my first reader and a great in-house editor.

Do you love writing?

No!!!!!! I dread writing but I love having written. I have stories that I make up in my head and I know they could become novels and so I write them. But it’s totally painful and all I want to do is check my email or return texts or lay on the rug cuddling Maple. But I make myself sit there and eventually the words come out and I’m happy they did.

So what’s your dream job?

I wish I could be a standup comedian or a folk singer with a guitar and an awesome throaty voice but those aren’t necessarily my strengths. So... writer it is.

City or country?

City in the fall, winter, and spring. Country in the summer. I love to hike and swim in lakes and pick berries. But I also love the pulse of New York City, and how you can walk forever and always see new things. Plus, lots of great bread.

Favorite books?

Americanah. Half of a Yellow Son. Fates and Furies. An American Marriage. The Stories Life of A.J. Fikry. Little Earthquakes. Pachinko. Anything by Curtis Sittenfeld. Anything by Emma Straub. Chemistry. Sarah Conley. Carry the One. Summer Sisters. In the Unlikely Event. Anything by Meg Wolitzer. Anything by Danzy Senna. Mostly I’ve been reading adult fiction these days, and mostly written by women.

Does that have anything to do with what you’re writing now?

Yes! I’m writing my first novel for adults. I figured I’m a few decades into adulthood now. Time to give it a try.